New "Flynn Lives" Tron Video Shows Us What's In Store For Tron 3

A video which was supposed to be included with the Tron Legacy Blu-Ray has been leaked online. See what happend after Tron Legacy leading up to Tron 3.

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goukijones3719d ago

This is pretty bad ass. I love when companies market this way.

Soldierone3718d ago

That looks like it has a better story this time. However Im not taking the risk of seeing it in theaters, ill wait for a DVD release of Tron 3.

darklordzor3718d ago

Yeah, I'm totally in agreement with you. I'm sure I'll break down and see it at some point (if it actually gets made), but I won't waste my money on it.

darklordzor3718d ago

Meh...I think I'm burned out on all things Tron right now....just didn't care for Legacy and not interested in what's next.