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Who Should Play Harry Osborn In The Spider-Man Reboot

The Spider-Man reboot cast is shaping up great, but one very important character remains uncast, Peter Parker's best friend; Harry Osborn. Previously played by James Franco in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films, it makes you wonder who Marc Webb will cast in the role, or if he will even be in the film at all. Tony of Turbo-Exp has some suggestions of his own for the next Harry Osborn.

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JL3707d ago

While I somewhat like the idea, I'd say the chances of JGL doing it are virtually nil. He already has three movies for 2012. One being the very high profile, big-budget TDKR. Granted we don't know how prominent a role he has in the movie yet, but I'd say with Nolan wanting to bring him in and work with him again, JGL probably has a fairly prominent role in there.

On top of that, he's also busy shooting the somewhat high-profile (medium-high-profile?) Looper, in which he has a leading role.

There just isn't room in that schedule for him to really have a prominent role in such another big movie. Maybe he'll squeeze in another indie movie or two before year's end, but another huge blockbuster? Doubtful. Especially considering the Spider-Man filming overlaps both Looper and TDKR.

Soldierone3706d ago

Not possible, not even in the books. This is a reboot. Any and all bridged, ties, anything leading to the old movies are gone. The suit has even changed a little bit. The only thing that will bridge a game is the title of the movie.

nomats3705d ago

Chris Pine would be great...

darklordzor3705d ago

Man, that's a tough call. James Franco's Harry Osborn was about the only saving grace for the last movie, and I really like him in it. Hard to put someone else in that place...