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Arcee of Nfamous writes:
If and when you go to your local theater anytime soon to watch Battle: Los Angeles, you pretty much have two options on how you want to take this film in. You can go in like the jaded, movie-going sci-fi fan that you are and totally just trash what you see on screen as unoriginal and uninspired. Or you can go in and just watch a movie for the fun of it and take it all in at face value and run with what is on screen and realize you are watching a pretty decent action filled movie. Personally, I went in as the second option and found myself enjoying the movie more than I thought I would.

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ASSASSYN 36o2963d ago

I took option 2 and also had a hell of a time enjoying the film.

The Wood2963d ago

yeah, i enjoyed it... it was emotional even though you knew it was coming. Main dude was a trooper though. I was just annoyed that after all he'd done and show it took some hammy speech to stop his doubters....that was dumb imo

rockleex2962d ago

Option 2 is great for movies like Taken and Unknown also. ^_^

Chevalier2962d ago

It was a fun movie to watch, just got it done with explosions and enough story to keep it going. Not all movies have to be Oscar worthy to be fun to watch.

Panthers2962d ago

Most Oscar worthy movies are no fun to watch. Cant wait to see this film.

Chevalier2962d ago

Exactly! I didn't mind The Kings Speech, but, you now my friend and I who brought me to watch that movie just didn't want something cerebral this time. We just wanted something with actions and explosions.