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Fox Pushes Debut of 'Terra Nova' to the Fall

One of FOX’s most ambitious projects that has not now or ever involved Simon Cowell will not be making its debut this Spring, but rather has been pushed to the Fall. The Voice of has the scoop!

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darklordzor3971d ago

Damn! I was really looking forward to seeing this, we haven't had anything good Dinosaur related in a long time. Well, that just sucks. Hopefully this means the show will be even better when we do get to see it.

-MD-3970d ago

I'm not in any huge rush to see this so I'm fine with it. I am looking forward to it though.

Crazay3970d ago

This is a bit of a bummer but I look at it a couple ways:

1.) They're really ramping up some of the effects to make sure that it blows people away. This is a good thing.
2.) They have so much confidence in the show that they think it can hold its own with the usual and new Fall premieres. Another good thing.
3.) there are issues and they want to fix it before going live to make sure it's not only the most expensive show ever made, but the most expensive flop ever too.

AuToFiRE3970d ago

Im looking forward to this, its nice to see somethign other than a reality show coming out of fox's arse