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Red Riding Hood Review - WGTC

Red Riding Hood turns out to be a somewhat vapid re-trelling of the classic fairy tale. While director Catherine Hardwicke did paint some nice visuals, the film lacked depth and substance. Out in theatres on March 11, this supernatural romance may be a hit with the tweeners, but most audiences will find it underwhelming.

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AuToFiRE3708d ago

leave our childhood alone people!

Soldierone3707d ago

I understand but at the same time I dont. They turned these into children fairy tales, however they were not always like that. Look up Grimms Fairy Tales. They were much darker and brutal.

Red Riding Hood was about girl "things" and how the wolf was attracted to it.

In fact, Grimm Fairy Tales has a comic book series now and they are a bit closer to the real thing that anything.

The only thing is Hollywood people that did Twilight are incapable of actually making a movie. So we just think "oh well these remakes suck."