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Shakefire: Mars Needs Moms Review

Shakefire writes, "You don’t know a good thing until it’s gone. That common saying has been going around for ages, and yet time and time again we continue to take for granted the things we have, such as our mothers. For nine-year-old Milo (Seth Green, Seth Dusky), that means constantly arguing with her and going as far to say that he would be better off without her. That all changes when alien invaders from Mars kidnap her and now Milo will go through any cost to get her back."

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darklordzor3708d ago

Wow, everything except for Battle: LA is getting terrible reviews. Guess that settles it for me this if there was any doubt about what I'd be seeing.

Arcee3708d ago

I kind of had a feeling this one would flop. Something about it just seems kind of soulless. I will still take my kids to watch it (shudders), but I am not expecting much from it.

Soldierone3706d ago

If you havent already, Take Me Home Tonight was a great comedy.

AuToFiRE3707d ago

i really didnt see this movie succeeding

Soldierone3706d ago

I hate the animation studio the Sony studio has here. Some of Sony's animations are fantastic, like Surfs Up is one of my favorite animated films. However the studio that does it like this is annoying. The keyframing is off and it doesnt look right. I know this is a Disney movie, but in the commercial it states it from the same Sony studio that did similar animated movies.