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Two-Face Returning in "The Dark Knight Rises"?

CBS News and Celebrity Circuit says:

During a recent interview for his new sci-fi action film, "Battle: Los Angeles," Aaron Eckhart hinted at a surprise-return to his character, Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face in Christopher Nolan's upcoming sequel, "The Dark Knight Rises."

This would be a shock to most fans who by now are well aware of Harvey Dent's outcome in 2008's "The Dark Knight."

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Crazay3521d ago

I really don't know wether this is considered a rumor or video. I chose Video, then changed my mind to Rumor. If I was wrong - OOPS!

On topic here though, I think it would be pretty cool to see him in there somehow though I'm not sure how they'd do it aside from showing him being resuscitated by someone after Bats leaves the scene.

darklordzor3520d ago

Rumor is probably the best place for it.

drdistracto7073519d ago

Is two face there?

Not in the sense that you mean...

This is No country for old villains

Soldierone3521d ago

To be honest at this point I wont be suprised if he shows up. He hardly got to be Two Face at all, I mean he didnt even flip the coin to do something bad yet.

And he has been floating around interviews and what not constantly rumoring his return. Maybe he is just doing it to get attention and be a bigger name, maybe he is in it and just isn't gonna spoil it. Either way all he ever does is randomly pop up somewhere "i may i may not" or "nope nolan said no"

HumanStark3521d ago


He flipped his coin to do something bad like, every thirty seconds after he was scarred. That was the entire finale of the movie.

Soldierone3521d ago

He did it at the end but it wasnt really a trademark where he did it infront of batman

gamesmaster3520d ago

The bar, the limo, the hospital, the contruction site.. theres 4 off the top of my head..

darkdoom30003520d ago

Yeah, what are you talking about? He was two face for like 1/3rd of the movie. And flipped his coin quite a lot.

1 in the hospital, 1 at the bar, 2 in the limo, 3 in the construction site.

LtSkittles3520d ago

The one in front of Batman was foreshadowing. Everyone thought him as "Gotham's White Knight," then Rachel's life was on the line he showed his true colors.

Soldierone3519d ago

I honestly dont remember him doing it that much, and I dont remember it being that iconic but one time. Ill just have to watch it again to see, i must of forgot.

Plus doesnt Two Face get a tommy gun too. Im just saying his character has so much more to offer.

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Christopher3520d ago

Only way I'd see it is through a flashback of him pre-Two Face or perhaps as a dream element focusing on what Batman may consider a failure on his part.

darklordzor3520d ago

I'm still not buying it. Both him and Nolan have denied him coming back in this film for so long, that I'm surprised people are still asking this question. Maybe in a flashback...but what would the flashback be? We saw as much of Dent as Batman what would there really be to flashback too?

Djinn3520d ago

In my opinion Eckhart had at the very least just as good a performance as Ledger but all your ever hear about is the goddamn stupid joker. Where as joker was just another murdering psycho, I actually like Harvey and cared when he went off the deep end.

etowntwo3520d ago

No way ....
When I first heard Ledger was picked for Joker, I was like WTF? the dude from brokeback mountain?
But then me, and the majority of people, were blown away at how well and how original he played the psychotic joker.

LtSkittles3520d ago

I think they both played them perfectly. Harvey isn't always evil, and The Joker is just a psycho, which is what he is.

Christopher3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I think the only reason the news of Ledge as the Joker eclipsed Eckhart as Two Face was because of how controversial it was. No one questioned Eckhart's ability to play Two Face, but many questioned Ledger's ability to play Joker. So, when it became a success, it was perceived as a greater success than other roles.

JL3519d ago

That and I think Joker is just a bigger character than Two Face.

Honestly, I think Eckhart's performance is a tad bit overrated. He did a good job, yes. But some people make it out to be mind blowing and even on the same level of Ledger's Joker. I just don't see that. Did he do a good job? Absolutely. Was he as great as Ledger? Sorry, but no. And this isn't my perception being "blurred" by my doubting him at first. I've always realized Ledger was good. I didn't doubt him. Even more so, Nolan had faith in him so I did.

Again, not trying to take away from Eckhart's acting abilities. He's fine. His Two Face/Dent was good. But nowhere on the level of Ledger's Joker.

martynmj3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I couldn't find the video again but in another interview he did for Battle: LA he said no and he wouldn't want to (For a few different reasons). Has any one found the entire interview?! If it carried on playing I think there is a good chance we'd hear him make a joke and dismiss it

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