CG Monthly Reviews - Battle: Los Angeles

It must be said that Battle: Los Angeles is a film with one special distinction going for it: never before has watching aliens blow up been so soul crushingly dull. You wouldn’t think it would be possible, but despite the fact that the movie dedicates at least 90% of it’s running time to marines kicking the shit out of aliens, you’ll find yourself shifting in your seats within seconds. The pitch meetings in Hollywood must have sounded fantastic. Between snorting up dildo-sized lines of coke some twitchy producer blurted out, “Man, what if Black Hawk Down and District 9 had a baby and that baby bought you a yacht?” Unfortunately while $100 million cheques were being cut, no one bothered to worry about pesky little elements like story, context, and characterization. Simple things that might not look sexy on paper or cause studio execs’ eyes to turn into dollar signs like in a Warner Brothers cartoon, but still have an intangible quality that audiences need whether they know it or not.

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cody2oo3521d ago

I think you were expecting a movie with a "Oscar worthy" script.

The Aliens to me were actually well designed in that they were similar to us, they didn't need to be some crazy "beautiful" alien that you gawk at. and the ship idea of multiple ships attaching to create a bigger one isn't that bad, along with the actual VFX themselves. the VFX in this film worked to be as if they were not actually there and that the aliens were truly there during the shoot.

The actual camera work in the movie to me was actually well done, they could of pulled away for a few shots, but once action starts the cuts start to pick up and get close and chaotic because thats what happens in war, soldiers began to panic and lose focus, until later in the movie the action scenes actually have less cuts because the marines are more focused and aren't panicking as much.

Soldierone3521d ago

The film mechanics are actually what ruined it for me. (this isnt my review) After seeing It I can defend this review too. When I first read it I had yet to see it and didnt want to believe it.

-The script is ameturish. My major in school has emphasis in screenwriting because thats what I want to do. They do things, then say they are doing things. AKA show and dont tell. They scipt around areas just to move the story along and didnt connect them at all. At one point where they end up at the base in like two seconds I was like wtf...The dialogue was bad, the movie was so stereotypical of other war movies I started to think it was supposed to be funny.

They didnt think big enough in my opinion. They showed the aliens attacking the shores and thats about as epic as it gets. the next scene and ALL of LA is already destroyed. We didnt see them destroy LA, it was already done. The army took that long to get there? Yeah right. And after that it goes back into closed combat. We dont see anymore epic scale battles, we just see the end of it.

The VFX of their command center was the only thing that i was like wow. The aliens were lame. Yeah I agree its cool they look like us and are simple, but video gamer designers do better and would of added something amazing. They were simply machines....thats creative.

I was starting to be impressed near the end of the movie. When they stopped whispering, the stereotypes were all use up, and the battle was getting epic. Then bam they end it like that its over. The ending was pretty good, but who didnt see that coming.

I wasnt expecting an Oscar movie, I was expecting a Michal Bay movie. Something fun and exciting to watch with a decent story. Not a parody of Black Hawk Down/Saving Private Ryan with aliens.