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New Images From ‘The Hangover 2’; Justin Bartha Says Doug Isn’t Lost This Time Around

IndieWire says:

Last month, a teaser trailer for the highly anticipated “The Hangover 2” arrived and announced the return of The Wolfpack, but once again, Justin Bartha‘s character of Doug was nowhere to be found. But there was a monkey featured very prominently (this writer thinks Doug is the monkey but no one else in The Playlist office will listen). There’s still two months to go before the film hits theaters and full length trailer will likely shed some light on what’s happening, but until then, these latest images from Empire (print edition, not yet online) will have to do. They also managed to speak to the cast and Bartha reveals that Doug will likely to get play along with the Wolfpack

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darklordzor3513d ago

If he's not lost this time around, then where the hell has he been in all of the official pictures and the trailer. Very odd...maybe that's the twist in the movie.

kay51493503d ago

I can't wait to see this. :) Hopefully it is just as funny as the first one.