The Adjustment Bureau - Dolphin Suicide Review

Dolphin Suicide:
If the Wachowski Brothers hadn’t fantasized over special effects and humanised motherboards that resemble our great late Kentucky hero Colonel Sanders then maybe we would’ve ended up watching this a few years back. This film has blended some of the abstract pretences of the Matrix, replacing phones with doors and imagining a world where there are individuals who can bypass dimensions that we can’t comprehend; however, most cleverly they’ve completely avoided any logical explanation as to how these adjustment types came about, or why ‘the chairman/god’ decided hats would determine whether you could teleport dooropathocaly.

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AuToFiRE3511d ago

This is definitely a movie i want to see

stubbed_out3509d ago

A great one to take a girl to. Or vice-versa, or vice-vice/versa-versa?