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The Super 8 Trailer Is Here

Nordling from AICN says:

You have to understand something about how I am about Steven Spielberg. If you haven't read this yet, and you're interested, E.T. may be one of the most important films of my life. And watching this trailer, I'm getting much of the same feeling. Of all the films coming out this summer, this is the one I have to take my child to.

This is it. This is the summer movie for me. I don't give a damn if it's all nostalgia, or what. Everything else fades.

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Crazay3511d ago

I really love the look and feel of this movie. It may well be on the top of my list this summer.

darklordzor3511d ago

Yippee! Finally a full trailer. It still doesn't show a whole lot, but we get a much better look at the overall story. The nostalgia vibe is definitely there, but I'm still not convinced that's a good thing. Still this is one of my most anticipated this year.

Soldierone3510d ago

I think i just wet my pants.....That looks so awesome and looks extremely story driven. Easily my most anticipated movie coming out this year.

Anyone find any clues in the trailer?

darklordzor3510d ago

I'm not even trying to look for clues anymore. I always miss them! I've just resigned myself to reading some other websites analysis of the clues later.... :)

JL3510d ago

Eh I'm still not seeing anything that entirely convinces me. I'll keep an eye out, but they've really given me nothing yet to be excited about.

AuToFiRE3509d ago

interesting, ill check into it more