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Shakefire - Battle: Los Angeles Review

Shakefire writes, "Since early 2008 fans have been speculating weather or not this recent alien invasion picture, Battle: Los Angeles, was going to be another alien picture mish mash of all the previous films we’ve seen on the subject. Terrible idea’s like Independence Day meets Signs hit blogs and after Skyline came out people really became afraid of what was coming next. After sitting down in the theaters to watch Battle: Los Angeles let me be the first to say that this film takes the alien invasion picture into a league of its own. Put all your fears away, grab some popcorn, and get ready to be blown away (somewhat literally)."

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Crazay3972d ago

Nice - I won't actually read your review until I've seen the movie but the early score reports all seem to be quite positive.

Soldierone3971d ago

I just saw it and im so mad. Its full of stereotypes and stupid remarks. The visuals were not even mind blowing like every review says, the aliens couldnt look evil?

It has no character development, so people are dying and no one cares. It drags on FOREVER and ugh im so mad.

JL3971d ago

Hmm, so....did you enjoy it? lol

Soldierone3971d ago

I tried. You saw how excited i was, and i even said i was going in just to see the action. It was just too much and got super boring, even my GF is like wtf why did you make me watch that.

I love war films, i love alien films, i love war in USA. IT has all of it, but none of it has a purpose. You dont care about any of the soldiers, it never builds any emotions, and its just horrible.

I liked it better than tron. It had some decent actions scenes. Id like my money back though.

Its like watching the Transformers with even less motivation, less character development, and the only backstory you get is Shia's character screwed up so everyone hates him till the end.

cody2oo3971d ago

Dang sorry if the media stomp review got you hyped, i personally loved the VFX in it, from a VFX major this movie is ridiculously awesome.its not flashy like skyline, and it is full of stereotypes, but then again its the marines, surprise.

the story is there just to give the people a reason to keep fighting, two face i mean Aaron Eckhart was pretty good if you asked me. him blowin up something then actually shaking afterwards kept it level and made sure marines still show fear.

Soldierone3971d ago

Aaron is the only thing I liked, but it was his actions. Then the movie started getting decent but the stupid stereotypes kept ruining everything. IT got to a point where I think they were just doing it to be funny.

It felt like the entire movie was a military prop to advertise the marines. I love war films, and Black Hawk Down is my favorite movie. The good ones dont make you feel like this.

And dont get me wrong im not bashing the review or anything, i was already well hyped for this movie and thats why im so mad.

Some, not all, of the VFX was good. But look at Video games, they have all pictured and donw things better. They didnt even show details shots of LA being destroyed, just distance black with fire. Its LA, we should be seeing giant buildings falling and being destroyed.

Then the script. They do something, then tell someone to do something then say it again. "Put a blanket on him so he doesnt get cold" Grabs blanket "this will make it so you ont get cold"

And the best part, "Im a veternarian, maybe i can help"

newn4gguy3971d ago

Yeah...I lol'd during the veterinarian part. It's like...oh...we have NEVER seen that before!

The sad part is...a few lines were pretty good. Mind you, they were all jokes.

Also...can someone get the cameraman some muscle relaxers?

cody2oo3971d ago


There was alot of "Marines are the best" thrown at the audience, but in reality thats how the marines do see themselves, so its kinda just exaggerating whats really true.

the Blanket part of the script wasn't a poorly done "this will do this" thing the guy was in a state of shock, the doc just wanted him to know what he was doing, standard procedure for a medical person.

The VET part made everyone laugh. lol

My favorite vfx shot was the car flipping over onto the car. i was like DAM lol plus the DBOX seat shook like a mother. lol

Soldierone3970d ago

It wasn't just the blanket part they did it throughout.

The Dbox had to of added to your experience and made it better. I know for a fact If i was sitting in a Dbox seat i would of been more concetrated on that, and enjoying those effects instead of being bored and nitpicking the film.

A film is entertainment, you exagerate things and change things. You dont stay true to life in ALL aspects if its not entertaining. Fact is we could of skipped a ton of the military propoganda, put in more story driven aspects instead, and it would of been a better film.

cody2oo3970d ago


Yea i suppose the DBOX really was a bonus for the movie, the action was doubled for me. lol

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