Who Should Play the New Lara Croft?

The other day, it was revealed that GK Films had acquired rights to the Tomb Raider franchise and planned on rebooting the movie series. Tomb Raider, over time, has proven to be one of the most successful franchises around. Both in video games and being one of the most popular (and well done) video game movies. Netting studios as much money as the two movies did, it’s no surprise some want to revisit the franchise. However, with that revelation comes a question that many have argued over. Who will play Lara Croft?

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Crazay3518d ago

I like some of your picks JL but the problem with a majority of them, not to sound like a pig, is they just aren't "stacked up enough" to take on the role of the buxom British Beauty.

darklordzor3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Ha! While it sounds a little 'piggish' the fact of the matter is, that's something that's very much apart of the character of Lara Croft. It's apart of who she is, and something that shouldn't be totally ignored.

Though I think Alison Carol fits the bill perfectly in that aspect.

JL3517d ago

Like I stated in there, that's not at all a big factor for me. Should she be hot and have a smoking body? Of course. Does it matter that she's a cup size off? Not at all for me. I'd much rather her being able to fill Lara's personality rather than fill Lara's bra.

Soldierone3516d ago

And personally, Im not a big fan of big boobs anyways. I think a perfect body with the right cup size is more attractive anyday. Through in the fact they can act and damn!

Plus theres nothing a push up bra with some padding cant fix.

darklordzor3515d ago

Preach on brother! Preach on!

darklordzor3517d ago

Kate Beckinsale will always have my vote...for everything.

JL3517d ago

Agreed. I have a huge crush on Beckinsale lol

darklordzor3515d ago

Yeah, ever since Underworld I have been totally smitten with her. She needs to be in more movies.

JL3514d ago

lol I actually first developed my crush on her from Serendipity. But Underworld indeed did seal that deal and make her my "if I could have one pass" celebrity. lol

Soldierone3516d ago

Off that list Id take Alexa. She can be friggin hot and is a pretty good acctress. She also doesn't have a strong name that could grow in the future, and I love the fact we could develop a new icon.

I like Kate Beckinsale, but she has Underworld and a name for herself. If you wanna look at her just watch those movies lol.

How about Charlize Theron? Look at her in AeonFlux.

JL3516d ago

The Beckinsale suggestion is just for that reason: she has a name. Personally, I think they should get a relatively unknown (or lesser known) and use this opportunity to build a real action star. But we can't dismiss the fact that they may want a name. Beckinsale would fit that perfect. Of course really her getting that part is just wishful thinking on my part..and cause I have a crush on her lol.

I considered Theron, and she is definitely a credible action star. But she falls in the same category as Beckinsale and Garner: she's probably just too old for the role if they're looking to reboot, make it a franchise, and focus on a "young" Lara.

AuToFiRE3516d ago

i think a 70 year old woman would fit nicely.. the series is dead, let it rest in peace