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The Media Stomp - Battle: Los Angeles Review

Jeremy Lebens of Media Stomp wrote "If you're looking for a movie to help wash that horrible taste Skyline left in your mouth, then watch Battle: Los Angeles. It's not amazing, but it manages to deliver the action that was supplied in the trailer. I feel bad for basing my review for this movie off of another movie, but given the circumstances surrounding the two movies, I can't help myself."

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Soldierone4218d ago

"overall Battle Los Angeles follows the standard war path with amazing visual effects" And where do i buy my tickets? haha. That Dbox tip also sounds interesting, im gonna look it up and see if i can find a theater like that around me.

cody2oo4218d ago

It was for a fun ride for me, the DBOX was at the Mall of America for us, so You may need to Google that for details, but it was for sure intense with the rocking chairs, each gun shot bumpin the cheer XD loved it.

JL4218d ago

The movie really is getting mixed reviews from what I've seen, which is kind of a disappoint. I still want to see it, but it's looking like it might not be as awesome as I would've hoped.

cody2oo4218d ago

If you are going to see it, don't go expecting an awesome story. Go for the Action cause seriously, it was some Great Scenes, especially the bridge, ridiculously awesome.

JL4217d ago

Yea, it's looking like that will be the case. Originally I was hoping for more than just a simple popcorn flick good for just the action though.

Soldierone4218d ago

Every single review praised the visuals. The only time it gets bad reviews is if the reviewer is basing it off the story. I know im the guy that always wants a story, but after watching Monsters and a few other movies where it lacked in the other department im more than willing to check this one out anyways lol.

Panthers4218d ago

lol If you dont see a movie because of critic reviews then I feel sorry for you. Movie critics are so up their own asses. Game critics actually make sense, but movie critics bash every movie that doesn't have a gay scene or British accent in it.

JL4217d ago

I never said I wouldn't watch a movie because of critics. Trust me, some of my favorite movies have been critically-panned. And some of the most praised movies, I hated. I am smart enough to realize that reviews aren't completely worthless.

And please, game critics are just as ridiculous as movie critics. Probably even more so.

Soldierone4218d ago

Anyone thats a Resistance fanboy like myself, the Resistance 3 billboard that leaked out before is in this movie

cody2oo4218d ago

Oh yea the entire time i was watching this im like "resistance live action" and i think it was a "resistance 2" billboard

InFAMOUS14218d ago

No, it was a Resistance 3 billboard it was back in October of 09! People were expecting a Fall 2010 release but didn't get it.. Here is a link

Soldierone4217d ago

Its Resistance 3. It pops up off in the distance under the bridge when he takes the walkie talkie. When you see it you will know what im talking about.

Chevalier4217d ago

It was a fun movie to watch. I watched Kings Speech last month, so this week to balance that out I went to watch this because it was just about the action. My friend and I quite enjoyed it, but, we also knew not to expect a crazy awesome story. It had nice effects, good action sequences and just enough story to keep it interesting. It didn't go in trying to make it sappy or anything, just got it done, which was fine with me.