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Nickelodeon Brings the '90s Back

Who says you can only be a child once? TeenNick will finally begin to re-air some of the beloved classics from the 1990s in a late night time slot devoted to fans and DVR users alike. TheVoiceOfTV scoops you on what six shows from the '90s are scheduled to return for syndication this Fall!

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Soldierone3689d ago

90's were godly for Nick. I can see why some shows were canceled, watching them today i can see why i was so "scared" as a kid lol. Ahh Real Monsters and such.

Im glad they are "bringing them back." Even though its a time slot i wont be able to stay away for, and its on a channel i dont even get haha. Im hoping the ratings are suprisingly good and they "remake" the shows. All That would be easy to bring back. Kenan and Kel could be done in a way, but Kel was awesome.

The real glory is in the cartoons which have made it to Netflix. Cartoon network has brought back alot of their 90s cartoons too which is awesome. the best part about that is they are in prime spots, right at 3PM when kids get off school.

darklordzor3688d ago

Hell yes! I may finally start watching Nick again with these programs back on.