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Shadowlocked - Six Unlikely Changes For The Blu-Ray Release Of Star Wars

Shadowlocked writes:
With the pending and long-awaited Blu-ray release of the Star Wars saga finally appearing on the consumer horizon, fans worldwide are wondering what will have been changed this time. Deleted scenes are to be undeleted, a new intro to Return Of The Jedi and the inclusion of much previously-lost material are said to be joining the usual VFX and production tweaks. Any substantial work on the hi-def version of the movies is likely to be finished or near-finished by now, and all suggestions moot, whether they would have been listened to or not.

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Soldierone3522d ago

Honestly didn't catch some of the stuff mentioned here. Really good read.

I dont think we can expect the new releases to be anything special in regards to touch ups. I would assume you can look forward to those fixes when they re releases them in theaters more than a blu ray port. This is simply for them to make a few extra bucks, which will be put towards re releasing them in theaters.