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H&T: The Walking Dead Season 1 - Blu-Ray Review

David Weaver from Home And Theater writes: I absolutely adore the hell out of this show, it was the first show in over a decade that got me in that seat each week to see what would happen next ( I normally wait for a show to hit DVD or a streaming service to watch it all in one chunk per season). There are a few reasons for this, first and foremost is that the show is simply an amazing achievement in both story telling and what they were able to get away with on a normal cable channel. Then you have the outstanding makeup effects provided by Greg Nicotero and his crew in addition to the man responsible for getting this project off the ground, Mr. Frank Darabont whose last film made my top horror films of all time list.

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JL3517d ago

This show has been great and I can't wait to see the second season. Can't wait to see what it has in store for us.

On that note, The Mist? That's your top horror film of all time really? I thought that was nothing special. The ending ruined it, the writing was weak in areas, some somewhat bad acting in areas. Story was just "blah".

I will say though, the scariest part of that movie: Marcia Gay Harden. Her bible-thumping character leading an uprising kinda scared me.

dweavis3517d ago

Actually The Mist is number 5 on my list. My number 1 was The Descent and I know that isn't a popular one either. But hey, those are the ones that worked for me.

As for the ending to The Mist, well I thought it worked perfectly and was a gut wrenching ironic twist to everything that came before it. I know it isn't a popular movie but I liked it quite a bit.

JL3517d ago

Ah number 5, I see. Yea, I didn't care for The Descent either.

As for The Mist, I did get the irony of the ending and I appreciated that. I think the part that disappointed me so much about that was I kept hearing how it was the greatest ending ever and how shocking it was and disturbing, etc. Then I saw it and I'm like....really? In this day and age, that just shocks you people?