The Undiscovered Country Is The Best Star Trek Ever Made, Period

Most any Trek fan is going to say Wrath of Khan is the best film (also written/directed by Nicholas Meyer), but they’re wrong. Khan is one of the greatest villains in science fiction, but The Undiscovered Country is the better film. Regardless as to what you think of the first five films (in order: boring, awesome, boring, awesome, stupid) Star Trek VI has a place in every nerd’s heart as the cast-off flick for the Kirk-Spock-McCoy crew before the Next Generation was misdirected into oblivion.

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Crazay3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Greatest scene in that movie is when Kirk is about to find out the details on the whole evil plot and he's beamed back onto the ship all while saying "Dammit Dammit Dammit - I was just about to find out..." and Chekov says "You want to go beck?" with a half smile on his face. Sheer gold!

But I disagree with you're statement. Wrath of Khan was far superior because I said so. That is all!