Shakefire: Red Riding Hood Review

Shakefire writes, "We all have our favorite fairytale classics we keep so close to our hearts. Even if we don't especially love them, we can recite the story well enough as common knowledge. Whether it's Rapunzel, Humpty Dumpty or the Three Little Pigs, they are all considered classics. But what happens when Hollywood decides to revamp a fairytale into a hip, teen-friendly Hollywood picture?"

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Soldierone3722d ago

Damn....was really hoping this would be good. Its doing what I love best. Taking a classic childhood story, twisting it and making it dark and evil like they were meant to be, and putting it on the big screen. However coming from someone that made Twilight I didnt expect it to happen correctly.

JL3721d ago

I like the concept of taking these tales and putting that dark twist on them. However, nothing about any of the trailers ever gave me reason to believe that it would be done right with this one. They all looked very unentertaining. Could definitely see the Twilight vibe in them.

Soldierone3721d ago

I liked the first few trailers and teasers they released. They made it seem dark and twisted and I was impressed and gained an interest. Then they released the story based trailers, gave a few glimpses of the wolf, and told us the story. Thats where I lost interest.

Christopher3721d ago

Yeah, even before I saw it was done by the same director who did Twilight, I was getting a huge Twilight vibe from it. It looks dark, but IMHO it doesn't look like they go dark enough for the movie, just make it look like it.

I'm not sure any werewolf movie that's not R rating will really convey the proper ferocity required.

So, you introduce werewolves in a vampire movie, but do you introduce vampires in a werewolf movie?