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Shadowlocked - The 12 Most Deliciously-Deranged Movie Monologues

Shadowlocked writes:
Let us all give a tip of the hat to the movie monologue - that venerated, but crafty, seductress of screenwriting. Done badly, the monologue can be a crushing and laughable blow to a film, a ruinous bore of a scene that can completely take the viewer 'out of the movie', as they say. But done properly, a monologue can be a tour de force of character development, character motive, and an enthralling and captivating spot that goes down in film history. Monologues are penciled into movies for a number of reasons - a passionate plea for justice (Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird), a rousing call to action (George Patton in Patton), or a wild-eyed act of comic lunacy ('Bluto' Blutarsky in Animal House). But perhaps the most mesmerizing form of cinematic soliloquy is that of the ominous kind. The 'creepy' speech, the unnerving harangue, can be a great film's greatest moment. Here now are 12 examples of the most wonderfully-demented monologues, both low-key and otherwise, in cinema.

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