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Uncharted: The Movie – Casting Wish List (theGamerBuzz)

theGamerBuzz writes, "With the recent news that Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes are being considered for the Uncharted film adaptation, I got to thinking about who I would personally like to see cast in the film. Yes, we already have some casting in place for the movie, but I’m sure you and I can think of a better fit for Nathan Drake than Mark Wahlberg."

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JL3710d ago

Fillion as Drake? Surprise surprise. Count me in the minority because I don't want that. Sure he'd be a better choice than Wahlberg, but I'd rather not see Fillion as Drake. Something about it just doesn't sit right with me. He's too smug and douche-y or....stiff. Something.

As for Elena, I do think Traylor Howard would be a perfect Elena. Of course, why not get Emily Rose to play her? She voiced the character and she's had experience on the big screen before. She'd be perfect.

As for Sully, forget De Niro. No. JK Simmons is a great choice. It should be either him or Bruce Campbell.

AuToFiRE3708d ago

they better not fuck this up..