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Doom Movie Reboot Already Planned? Possibly in 3D?

Looks like Hollywood isn’t wasting any time trying to reboot previously failed movie franchises. The latest rumor is that a reboot of 2005′s failed video game to movie adaptation “Doom” is in the works. Apparently there are reports that Universal (which still owns the rights to Doom) is in the “early stages of development” on a reboot not even six years after the release of the first film.

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JL3522d ago

The first one was horrible. Not sure why they would want to revisit it. But a reboot surely couldn't be any worse than the original....I hope.

lve2playbball3522d ago

pretty sure the first one was the greatest movie i've ever seen. I mean, we have the ROCK--best actor in the biz--kickin ass

Soldierone3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I honestly dont know how you eff up Doom. That is unless you follow Doom 3 and go to Mars instead of Hell and put in namebrand actors for no reason.

I enjoyed Doom but it could of been way better. I would love to see a reboot because they need non name actors in it. That and go to Hell, not Mars.

Id also LOVE to see Quake. Imagine the first one where you walk into the room and all your soldiers are prisoners, then in a second room they are being torn apart and "worked" on by the creatures.

-MD-3522d ago

First one wasn't handled right at all. It felt like they weren't trying and trying too hard at the same time.

I'm down for a reboot but they better make sure they get it right this time.

Soldierone3522d ago

Do you agree they should follow the original Doom and Doom 2 and send him to hell?

Some of the enviroments they created as part of Hell was absolutely awesome. And at the end of Doom 3 you teleport into hell and fight the devil too, and yet they didnt do that in Doom the movie. They didnt even really explain that the creatures were from hell, they just made it seem like aliens.

hazelamy3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

the first doom film was a ok, had very little to do with the actual games though, other than some of the creature designs.

taken on it's own it was a decent film, but many people judged it on how close it was to the game, which it wasn't, close to the game that is.

i always pictured a scene where a group of soldier were training and one of the training methods was something like a deathmatch in some sort of virtual arena.

and in a briefing they'd be shown a picture of the face on mars.
http://www.oxfordschoolblog... that one.
and they'd be told that people have said for years that it's a human face, and then the guy giving the briefing says that colonists or something on mars have uncovered it and realised that it's not actually human, it was just shadows and being half buried that made it look like a human face,
then they'd be shown a picture of the face uncovered, and they see it's actually one of the bigger demons from doom, or even the demon warlord from the end of doom 2.

anyway, whatever they do, i just hope they don't turn it into a kids movie.

Soldierone3522d ago

Why didnt they exploit this stuff though. The big massive monsters fighting on the big screen would of been absolutely awesome! Like no joke. Remember in the first Doom after you teleport through the black room and nearly get your arse kicked, then you teleport again and walk out into this giant arena area where the two big monsters are. That would be so awesome to see on screen.

Or even the dog like creatures, they are constantly growling off in the distance. All they did in the movie was have it attack then get owned. I dont remember seeing skulls flying around, and you never see anyone get possessed by them. And the standard demons with guns are not even in the movie.

I believe there is even a few levels in Doom 2 where you get out of hell, but you opened the gates to hell so the demons all came out and spread into a city. Thatd be awesome to lead into with a second film or something.

f7897903522d ago

If I was a mod, I would ban people for using puns. I hate them!

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