"Rango" Angers Anti-Smoking Groups

Anti-smoking advocates are calling the animated PG movie Rango a public health hazard for its numerous depictions of smoking.

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Christopher3516d ago

Overly sensitive. None of the characters are "humans" or "real" and last time I checked good parenting trumped a 2 hour movie.

Sorry for getting a bit political, but I hate how people have turned to blame individual movies for these sort of issues when they happen so infrequently and when used tend to support the genre and not some cigarette brand like they did in the old days of film.

Soldierone3516d ago

Ohhhh....get over yourselves. I think these groups hurt themselves more when they cause public out cries like this than anything. I mean doing disruptful things, bashing on something thats loved, and doing things to purposely get attention is stupid. It makes more people hate your group than like it.

Plus you could take another route. Ask the company if you can do anti smoking things with them. Put a DVD extra in there which is a short of Rango not smoking. Put a commercial before the movie. Anything with common sense has a better motive.