TV Teaser: AMC's 'The Killing'

Deadline says:

Here is a four-minute trailer for AMC's upcoming drama The Killing, a murder mystery based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen. It premieres on April 3.

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Crazay3518d ago

Now this is something I can really sink my teeth into. Not only is AMC one of my favorite channels but they have some of the best TV series' out there right now.

LobbycastGeoff3517d ago

This looks really interesting. AMC has been doing great things lately, so count me in!

JL3517d ago

I'm not usually a drama TV person, but this does look like it could be worth a try.

AMC definitely has been stepping their game up as of late in effort to be a viable option for prime time TV.

Crazay3517d ago

AMC has some of the best shows on TV right now. Breaking Bad is getting better and better with every season and Bryan Cranston is nothing short of amazing in that show, The Walking Dead though short was dominating and will no doubt continue that trend with Season 2 and while I haven't had the pleasure of watching Mad Men, I've heard nothing but really good things about it so I'll likely start watching it on Netflix sooner than later.