Tomb Raider Franchise Being Rebooted On The Big Screen

GK Films have announced that they have bought the film rights to the Tomb Raider franchise from Square Enix. GK Films will be looking to reboot the successful franchise with a new movie hitting the big screen in 2013.

GK Films’ Graham King and Tim Headington will produce the project. No writer or anything has been hired on for the project, but the ball should get rolling on that soon enough. King and company are looking to reboot and cite the goal of creating “daring new adventures for the young and dynamic Lara Croft.”

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Crazay3522d ago

I'm perfectly ok with them going back to the well with Tomb Raider. Jolie was good and very nice to look at but I think they're finished with that series of stories as am I. It's now time to find another to take over and fill the short shorts and tight blue shirt busting at the seams.

JL3522d ago

Yea I'm definitely fine with it too. Tomb Raider has been some enjoyable movies. Probably up there as one of my favorite video game movies (both of them).

They definitely will need to go with another. Jolie made a real good Lara Croft but it's probably time to hand it over. Especially if they're really rebooting the franchise and even going to do multiple films like the press release seemed to imply.

I wouldn't completely count Jolie out due to her ties with King, and cause she can obviously still pull off action (Salt for instance). But I'd say time to pull in a younger Lara Croft. Just can't think of anybody I'd like to see do it off the top of my head right now.

darklordzor3522d ago

I'm totally down with it. With them taking the games in a new direction, it'd be a great time for this reboot. Who knows, after the debacle Uncharted is likely to be, maybe this will sate my videogame adventure movie needs.

JL3521d ago

That's one of the first things that came to mind for me as well. Since they're obviously going to end up bastardizing the Uncharted movie, maybe this can end up giving us that action-adventure treasure hunter movie that we want.

Castor3522d ago

Not sure who could replace Angelina Jolie though, she is really one of a kind as a female action star.

JL3521d ago

I agree. I'm still trying to come up with who could replace Jolie on this. I'm sure there are options, but she definitely is one of a kind in that realm and she made an absolutely great Croft. It will definitely be some big shoes to fill.

darklordzor3522d ago

I'm sure there are plenty of actresses who would love the chance to replace Angelina, and I think there are a few. Jolie did a great job with the character, but I'm sure others will do just fine.

Soldierone3521d ago

I think this is great.

-They are going a more darker route with the games. This allows for the games to be even more interesting. Underworld was already hinting at this darker side, but they said they are taking it even furth.

-While jolie is phenominal, there are plenty others that could take that role. This gives the opportunity for another female to step up and give us something interesting beyon jolie to look at and enjoy in action films.

All around I think its fantastic.

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