DVD and Blu-ray Releases for the Week of March 8, 2011

I’m back for another week as I bring you latest releases on DVD and Blu-ray this week. This week sees a few good releases including the release of that crazy Jackass gang up to even more stupid and hilarious antics in Jackass 3. We also see the first season of the hit show Walking Dead on both DVD and Blu-ray.

On top of that, we also have the Russell Crowe crime drama The Next Three Days hitting shelves, as well as the dramedy Morning Glory We also get two critically-acclaimed documentaries Inside Job and Exit Through the Gift Shop.

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JL3521d ago

I'll definitely have to pick up Jackass 3. Might get Four Lions through Netflix since they already have it on there. And The Walking Dead I may get around to getting sometime, though I may just end up waiting till the new season comes out so I can watch it beforehand as a refresher.

Exit Through the Gift Shop I've already seen. Pretty good I thought. Not usually a documentary person, but I enjoyed it. I might get around to watching Inside Job at some point too. Though I think the next time I feel like I can handle a documentary, it will be Waiting for Superman that I finally watch.

Crazay3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

I'm all over Jackass 3 - That stuff just kills me every time. I don't know if you've seen it yet but there's a scene with a Lamborghini that made me look away and that's tough to do to me with those shows.

The Walking Dead is a MUSH OWN for me. I'm just waiting for a certain someone to follow up on something for me at the FW HQ. ;)

I'm not much for documentaries but I would like to see Inside Job. Waiting for Superman is on Netflix now.

JL3521d ago

I haven't seen Jackass 3 yet (though I've seen-and own-all the others). Already in the others, they've done things that have made me cringe or look away or even gag a little bit. So I expect no less from the third. Which obviously makes me a masochist cause I can't wait to see it lol

Is that "certain something" the thing you PMed me about?

As for Waiting for Superman, I know it's on Netflix now. I think I've kinda been waiting for it to hit the streaming instead though (as it's only available through DVD right now). And I have so many other things in my DVD queue that I'd rather watch. So, I'd rather not have to waste one of my "rentals" on that one when I'm not really a documentary person.

Crazay3521d ago

It is the thing I PMed about and Waiting for Superman is on streaming here in Canada. Take another look at your service. It's probably there too.

JL3521d ago

What the hell? How do you have it on streaming there and it's not streaming here? It's definitely not too, cause I just checked. I even have it in my DVD queue so it would show up when it was going to be added, doesn't even have a "coming soon to streaming" date on it. That sucks.

Crazay3521d ago

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad new but It's right on the main screen when I log in and it shows me the New Arrivals.

Soldierone3521d ago

Its not on my instant list either. Infact Netflix hasn't really added anything for me this week but like a few shows and some older movies.

As for Jackass 3, that lambo scene looked painful but its not what I looked away. It was the "volcano" scene that I nearly wanted to throw up.

Just be ready to watch penis...cus they didnt hold back with it at all....

Crazay3520d ago

@ Soldier I usually say something along the same lines to my wife.

JL3520d ago

The Lambo scene didn't make me turn away either. I'm sure it hurt like crap, but nothing that made me look away.

The worst part for me: the sweat skit. That made me want to throw up seriously. I'm sitting there laughing my ass off at Steve-O, the whole while gagging and retching too in between laughing. That's just nasty. That's the type of stuff that gets to me the most in their movies. Like in one of the previous ones where they did that skit about "milking" the horse and Steve-O (I think it was) drank it..UGH!!!

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darklordzor3521d ago

Probably will rent Jackass 3 just to see it. I'm not huge on them, but they are a fun watch...not worth really owning though.

Christopher3521d ago

What!?!? No love for the release of Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume 20?!? Bah!

Got mine coming today. Includes 4 Joel episodes, including the fan favorites Master Ninja I and II and Magic Voyage of Sinbad.

I know how much my wife is going to hate me tonight as I pop these into the DVD payer :)

Crazay3521d ago

Heheheh - I'll check out some of the MST3K on Netflix just because some of the things they say are pretty funny.

JL3521d ago

lol I have to admit, I've never seen any Mystery Science Theater. However, the minute I saw that I thought of you and was definitely going to point it out to you if you didn't notice.

Soldierone3521d ago

Rented and watched Jackass 3 today, couldn't resist. Its funny as hell, however i hated that they went ahead and showed penis this time. Its not blurred, an its just dangling there. Hell for a good couple minute scene all your doing is following Bams penis in the camera as he pee's on people.

Its funny as hell, but its not as hardcore as they used to be. There are hardly any skits where they can get hurt. The only person that did any of those was Johnny Knoxville, the rest did disgusting or funny things.

Crazay3520d ago

Well considering Steve-O is clean and sober now, he didn't have any of the liquid or medicinal courage to help push him along into those things.

JL3520d ago

I was going to grab it off of Netflix, but got home last night to find out my brother bought it, so I watched it last night. Hilarious. Just as I expected.

I didn't really notice any difference in the variety of skits they did. There were still plenty that caused physical harm. Granted Knoxville did the worst of them, but he's always been the leader like that; kind of the "general who leads his troops into battle" type. He'll do some of the worst stuff to show that he's a "true leader".

It may have been a tad bit more tame than their past stuff, but I chalk that up to them just being older now. Still plenty of brutal stuff in there, and it was hilarious. I could have went without all the penis stuff though, indeed. I did enjoy getting to see Bam cry though lol He's such a douche, he deserves it.