Marvel Movies: Inhumans Coming to the Big Screen

Instead of taking the safe path with gritty street level vigilante films, Marvel has decided to go cosmic. It seems that they will be bringing the lesser known title The Inhumans to theaters, though not with the storyline longtime fans might recognize. The comic version of The Inhumans is a royal drama blended with x-men style powers, in space. It follows the story of the royal family that rules the Inhumans, a race of abandoned Kree science experiments on the moon, which is headed by Black Bolt, who can never speak because his voice can crumble mountains.

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JL3723d ago

I've never even heard of this. Surely Marvel has much better characters to adapt into movies, right? Give me a Gambit movie. Or get to work on that Deadpool movie. Maybe a Cable movie. Or even give me a proper Daredevil movie.

Christopher3723d ago

Heard of it, never read any of them.

I agree with your assessment on Deadpool. I'm guessing they're just waiting for Green Lantern to finish since it's likely DC Comics made a requirement that there be no advertisement of any sort, including notice of working on a Marvel product, during the lead up period for the GL movie. For all we know, he could already have the script in his hands.

As far as movie production itself, Marvel is king at the moment. Thor, Captain America, and X-Men: First Class all look like good movies so far and they're already at work on a new Spider-man movie as well. For Marvel, that's a lot to have out there at once. There's even another Ghost Rider, which I'm very surprised about.

I wouldn't be surprised to see them get another stab at Daredevil/Elektra. Someone is still working on an Ant-man script supposedly. I _really_ want a proper Doctor Strange live action movie, though.

darklordzor3723d ago

I've heard of them vaguely, but I wouldn't say I'd care a whole lot. I'm really starting to feel the comic book movie burn out and with all of the fantastic characters still at their disposal I don't know why they would go with these guys. Maybe just because it's another team based story.