Lights, Camera, Critic's Entertainingly Bad: Batman and Robin

Lights Camera Critic writes: In my opinion, Adam West is Batman. Forget Bale, Keaton, and Kilmer, West is the man. From the infamous cheesy dialogue to the incredible fight scenes, my first ever experience of Batman was the 70s version from Batman: The Movie, on VHS. I was never able to see Tim Burton’s interpretation of Batman during my childhood, due to their ‘dark’ nature and my age. Therefore, my first cinema experience of Batman was Joel Schumacher’s film, Batman Forever. When comparing it to Nolan’s interpretation of Batman, Batman Forever is bad, but I still find it entertaining and quirky, due to its place in my childhood. However Schumacher’s sequel Batman and Robin is a different story. It tainted my whole perception of Batman as a superhero until Batman Begins. It was bad, but now looking back at it as a ‘film lover’, I have to admit that it is a guilty pleasure.

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darklordzor3525d ago

Batman and Robin holds some childhood memories for me as well, but I watched part of it on TV the other day, and I couldn't get through 10 minutes of it. It's lost all charm for me, despite nostalgia. It wasn't just the campy/cartoonish way they took the film, it was the hammy acting and terrible story. Nothing here to enjoy.

JL3523d ago

Yea I don't care for this one at all anymore.

xino3524d ago

i love this movie man!
i have the bluray rip on my ps3.

i love mr freeze quip jokes!

Christopher3524d ago

I think it ended for me at Batman Forever for me. Forever was the last one that knew it wasn't being serious and played to it to its fullest. I felt that Batman & Robin were just an attempt to keep it going and didn't have any real life in it other than the cast.

Ending with requisite favorite Batman Forever line: "Holy rusted metal, Batman!"

JL3523d ago

Interesting, most people pretty much crap on Batman Forever. I didn't entirely hate it but I didn't think it was "worst movie ever" like some think. For me Jim Carrey's Riddler was the shining light of that one.

Christopher3523d ago

Nah, I see it as the final fling. Where they threw everything they had at the franchise, from great pop culture references to great over-acting villains. Batman & Robin felt very empty for me in comparison to any of the others.

xVeZx3524d ago

all previous batman movies do not have anything on batman begins and the dark knight....

lightscameracritic3524d ago

I thought Tim Burton's Batman was quite good. I actually prefer it to the Dark Knight, that while was fantastic when I saw it at the cinema, now just seems good (7.5/10). Batman Begins is my favourite of the Batman Films, alongside Batman: The Movie (70s)

JL3523d ago

I liked Burton's Batman movies well enough and thought they were good, but I'd say Nolan did a better job. Burton's are still enjoyable and have that nostalgia factor, but Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were just awesome. I would definitely put those two over any of the others. And The Dark Knight probably tops Batman Begins for me.

My brother will still argue to this day, though, that Michael Keaton was the best Batman. I really like what Bale's done with the character, but Keaton did do a good job as well.