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Competition For Guillermo Del Toro's Next Picture: Legendary Preps 'Pacific Rim'

Deadline says:

The green light process on At the Mountains of Madness with Universal Pictures has gone on for so long that there is now a very serious rival for director Guillermo del Toro's next film. I'm hearing that Legendary Pictures is moving fast on a project del Toro likes called Pacific Rim, a Travis Beacham-scripted PG-13 tent pole-sized project with big monsters and the creation of a new world.

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JL3712d ago

I'd like to hear more about the project, but it being a script from Travis Beacham doesn't bode all that well. As the writer of the Clash of the Titans movie, he doesn't have that great of a resume. Granted, I didn't hate that movie like others seemed to have, but it wasn't great by any means either.

Of course, "big monsters and the creation of a new world" is right down del Toro's alley. That's what he does best I think, and I'm sure he could make it look great and create a very cool looking world.

I wish they'd stop giving him so much hassle about Mountains of Madness though. Let the man do it his way. I like del Toro as a director. Who cares if it's R-rated. del Toro has made a lot of real good movies. If this one is his dream project and goes on to be his opus, I can just imagine how amazing it would be. Plus he's got Cameron to help him and produce the movie, so it will obviously look very good with those two collaborating on that. And Cruise is definitely a big name. All those names combined it would obviously be a big draw. Just pull the trigger on it already.

Crazay3712d ago

I'm a firm believer that any director who has a good concept and story should be given carte blanche for their vision so long as they can stay within their set budget. Execs need to stop shoving their big fat noses in the direction of movies and let these guys do their own thing.

JL3712d ago

I can understand them not wanting to lose money on the thing, obviously. But come on, surely this will make plenty of money. Even still, so what if they don't quite break even at the box office. They still have a ton of money to be made in the DVD/BD realm after that.

darklordzor3712d ago

So sad the 'Mountains' is now dead...can't believe that after everything he went through to get it made (giving up the Hobbit), it's now dead.

I do love my monster movies though, and Del Toro could make one incredibly epic.