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'Monopoly' Still On Track With Ridley Scott As 'The Perfect Creative Steward'

MTV News says:

The most pressing big-ticket item on Ridley Scott's to-do list is "Prometheus," the science fiction kinda-sorta prequel to "Alien" he's set to start directing in just a few weeks. But that's far from the only project he's got in the pipeline.

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Soldierone3517d ago

So its basically a story of Starbucks, McDonalds, or any big namebrand chain haha.

The thing i dont like is he stated "its not wallstreet" like 4 or 5 times in the entire thing. So that leaves me to believe it will be similar to Wallstreet....

I hope it hits the same time the Sims movie does :D haha!

JL3517d ago

Don't forget the Battleship movie.

Soldierone3517d ago

Oh god your kidding me right....I guess with EA's new take on all the games for video games they have somewhat of a story now.

Is RISK and Connect Four on the list too....

JL3517d ago

lol You didn't know they were making a movie based on the Battleship game?

Yes indeed. What's more, they're also making a movie based on the Candyland game lol

Soldierone3516d ago least that one has Neeson in it so it may be half way decent. Im not too sure what I think about Scott doing Monopoly. I only like Black Hawk Down from him, but he has been taking on a lot of "iffy" projects lately. He also has the Youtube movie coming out, where its all kinds of footage stapled together.

And Candyland could actually be cool....johnny Depp? haha

JL3516d ago

lol Johnny Depp actually does seem like a natural selection for a Candyland movie. And yea, I wondered how they got Neeson to get on board with Battleship.

I've actually liked a few movies from Scott, Black Hawk Down definitely being one of them. Plus Matchstick Men, Gladiator and now I can add Blade Runner to that list (though I do think that one's still slightly overrated). Also, Thelma & Louise, American Gangster, Body of Lies and Hannibal were decent.

I guess you could also add Alien, but I never cared for those movies.

Soldierone3516d ago

I thought he was only a producer on some of those movies? Maybe i do like a ton of his work after all....

JL3516d ago

Nope he directed all those as well (though he did produce them too). The only one that I can think of that he produced but didn't direct that I like is The Assassination of Jesse James.

Crazay3516d ago

I have to say that Ridley Scott is a good director and I would classify myself as a fan. As for all these movies based on board games...Well I just don't know. They're clearly all going to need to be family friendly (PG at the very most) because they should be targeting the generation of people who still play the games regardless of the medium they play on (Actual board games or digital).

I'm just not sure how this could work but I guess that's why I'm here and not there right?

Soldierone3515d ago

Wow I honestly did not know that. I thought he was like Lucas and only directing the big name movies and producing the smaller bad completely.

As for the board games its realitively easy. Its just another movie with a brand name on it. just like Social Network was nothing more than a business betrayal movie with Facebook attatched to it.

Monopoly - Business/franchise movie, how people betray you, mistakes get made, bills ruin things, and so on. They will probably ride the differnt trains throughout the movie.

Candy Land - similar to Alice, in my opinion

Battleship - Oceans 12?

RISK would be cool, i love war movies with a passion.

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