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FilmMattic Short Film Review: Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

FilmMattic writes: Last week, I received an email from a budding Belarusian filmmaker by the name of Grzegorz Cisiecki. What excited me most about this email—other than the ensuing realization of a unique visual talent—was the email itself; the impetus for this email exchange is tantamount to the very nature of my blog. My primary goal is to provide unique film-related content. As a self-ascribed film geek, I value any opportunity that lets me interact with the film community.
Essentially, Grzegorz was hoping I could provide a commentary for his short film. I guess because I never like to disappoint, I will heed the young filmmaker's plea, and graciously offer up a review of his movie.

*****For your viewing pleasure, I also included the entire short film*****

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