Charlie Sheen Fired From 'Two and a Half Men'

Deadline says:

It's over for Charlie Sheen on the hit CBS comedy Two and a Half Men. The series producer Warner Bros. TV just released the following statement: "After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on Two and a Half Men effective immediately."

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Crazay3723d ago

And there it is. He's burned that bridge right to the freaking ground.

Yi-Long3723d ago

... he's always been a 'party' kinda guy, but he mostly seemed to have it under control and didn't have it affect his work...

... but these last few years, and specifically these last months and weeks, he's just gone absolutely batshit crazy.

Sad to see a once decent guy like Charlie fucking up like this. I do hope he'll end up OK though. Even though he's acting like a major immature DOUCHE at the moment.

JL3723d ago

Eh, I just can't sympathize with people being stupid and crazy. Doesn't matter how famous they are.

crxss3723d ago

And boom goes the dynamite.

jony_dols3723d ago

Thank God that the abomination that is Two and a Half Men is off the air.

Charlie shagging hot women and drinking was funny for about half a season before it got old. Hell if I wanted to see that, I'd just follow the real Charlie Sheen around.

Bring back real comedy *prays for another season of Arrested Development*

-MD-3723d ago

Well that show is done with. Even if you hate the guy he WAS half of the show.

It's not going to work anymore.

Crazay3723d ago

Ya it's too bad. He really was one of the biggest parts to the show. It'll now be interesting to see what they do if anything at all.

Soldierone3723d ago

Depends. It was more show the writers. Sheen just happen to turn his real life into his fake life, and according to other news even that is falling apart. He lost his very hot porn star girl too.

They just need to find the right replacement and revive the writing with a new twist using this new person.

JL3723d ago

Actually the show is called "Two and a Half Men" not "Two Men", so he was just two-fifths of the show lol

darklordzor3723d ago

Not surprised at all...and I'm sure he doesn't care. He didn't even want to come back for this season, so I'm sure he's just fine with it.

Crazay3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

He probably doesn't and that's really a shame because he's let down the people who work on the show and his fans with this. I suspect that someone somewhere (Mark Cuban) will get Charlie something and the next big TV fad will be watching Actors implode due to mental illness on their own reality shows.

Soldierone3723d ago

I can actually see that happening. The whole reason this happened is because he got offers elsewhere,its pretty obvious to me. the fact he doesnt care about any of the crew members or other peoples jobs are what make me not care that he was fired.

Now lets move on.

Soldierone3723d ago

Its a disgrace for two reasons. Charlie is being a douch to everyone that works with him. Sure you dont get along with your boss, who does? but then you turn and screw absolutely everyone else out of a job?

Then while he is having this break down, the media is soaking every ounce of it up. Deep down the media doesn't care. They pretend to care until people no longer tune in to watch the BS and move to someone else. Then who knows what Charlie will do, might end up being the next michal jackson when he realizes everything he is tossing out the window right now.

Crazay3723d ago

I predict that they make some minor adjustments and try out another season with someone else in Charlie's role or a whole new character/spin off. Either way it could work because the writers did some great things on the show - I will admit that Charlie was pretty damn good though.

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