Shane Black Talks Direction of Iron Man 3

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Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with juicy tidbits about Shane Black, Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel's approach to Iron Man 3 from Black's very own mouth!

I'll let our eyes and ears on the ground, Krullboy, give you the scoop and come back to discuss after:

Hey Harry--

I spent the weekend at the Omaha Film Festival where Shane Black was one of the featured panelists. He spent the weekend talking about his beginnings, his screenwriting process, and his opinions on various films and scripts he has been involved with over the years. Eventually, Iron Man 3 was brought up.

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darklordzor3522d ago

I'm glad he wants to keep it a separate and individual story. That was the big problem with the second film, it was too much lead in for the Avengers and not enough of it's own story. We'll just see if the studios will let him stick with this idea or force different ones on him.

Christopher3522d ago

Yeah, if only Favreau had been given that option...

At least they saw the error of their ways in trying to tie everything together too neatly.

JL3522d ago

I didn't have that big a problem with Iron Man 2. The first was better, but I didn't hate the second either.

Also, I'm not that sold on Favreau as a director either. He's alright, but some fanboys talk of him like the god of comic book/superhero movie directors. He's really average I think and nothing that I've just been completely impressed with.

Christopher3522d ago

Didn't mean to say anything of the sort, but the neutering of his original Mandarin storyline was annoying.

JL3522d ago

Oh I'm not implying you were saying any of that. I was just speaking in general.

Crazay3521d ago

I liked IM2 as well and it would have been cool had they gone with the Madarin as the protagonist. Perhaps that's who we'll see in the next one? I don't know the Iron Man lore at all because to me he was always a 3rd rate hero until now. Who else is there that you guys know of that could be a good enemy for him for 3?

Christopher3521d ago

Unfortunately, the majority of Iron Man villains look a lot like Iron Man and are others with technical suits or robots. The second movie wasn't far off from what you'd see most often in the comics, unfortunately, but if they did similar in the third movie I'd be extremely turned off.

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