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Neeson Won't Be In The Dark Knight Rises But He Would Like to be if Offered

Empire says:

File this one in your “Any Dark Knight Rises news is still definitely news” folder, but yes, we can exclusively reveal that Liam Neeson will not be appearing in The Dark Knight Rises as Ra's al Ghul.

Speaking to us in the latest issue of the magazine (out on all good newsagents now, fact fans) we asked him about the rumour that Batman’s mentor-turned-nemesis will show up in Nolan’s final chapter of the trilogy.

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darklordzor3521d ago

Would be pretty epic if he was in it. I know him coming back from death wouldn't exactly fit with Nolan's universe, but for his character that would be so cool.

Crazay3520d ago

If anything, I suspect that we'll see him in more of a flashback sort of role perhaps training Talia (should she be the main protagonist).

Christopher3520d ago

Eh, I hope they keep it more in line with their current concept and never go the route of the Lazarus pits. If they're going the route of bringing Ra's back into the scene, I think they'll do it through Talia or similar (it would fit with giving Selena an appropriate foe and open up the grey world of both as love interests).

JL3520d ago

Yea, Nolan's preference lies in realism. That's been his thing through all of this. So, I never expected we'd see something like the Lazarus pits. I'm fine with them going the Talia route instead.

I'm still really hoping, with the inclusion of Bane, that we might actually see Batman get his back broke. Especially since Nolan's made it very clear that he wants to end the story here.

jony_dols3520d ago

Bane is a venom juicehead.
That hardly fits into Nolan's universe either....

CobraKai3519d ago

I'm guessing that venom won't be in the movie or is more of a realistic steroid. Bane would prolly be a juiced assassin of some sort.

I always figured that you never see Liam's body in Begins. I always say; "If you never see a body, they are never really dead."

Christopher3519d ago

Yeah, Venom will likely be more akin to how they handled The Scarecrow (who really wasn't referred to as such in the movie to begin with). He'll likely have a supplemental drug that replaces other bodily functions, making him reliant on the drug but also resulting in increased strength and likely a very high tolerance for pain. Perhaps he'll even have CIPA.

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darklordzor3520d ago that would be interesting!

Not sure if that's something Nolan would do, but Neeson says he hasn't been offered any role at all yet. Still would be cool to see, in a flashback.

JL3520d ago

That could work, maybe a flashback as part of explaining the Talia character, but that's as far as I'd want to see it go. Don't actually bring him back.

Crazay3520d ago

It's the only way that could work with Nolan's vision.

Soldierone3520d ago

Its kinda funny because everyone that gets killed off or taken out of the franchise always wants to come back lol. must be that good to work there.

However is it at all possible to make a Batman film without known actors? lol

darklordzor3520d ago

They want to come back because they enjoy working with Nolan (a competent director who know how to treat his actors) and they want to be apart of something epic. I'm not surprised at all!