15 Scripts and 1 Superhero. TAFs Q&A with Arnold at the 2011 Arnold Classic

The Arnold Fans say:

On Sunday, March 6th, TheArnoldFans staff excitedly took our seats at the Arnold Seminar, our most anticipated event of The Arnold Classic. Each year Schwarzenegger comes out to kick off the seminar with inspirational tales and even takes questions from his audience. Today Arnold pointed at us as we asked the question you want answered most of all. We've all heard the rumors of the three scripts on Arnold's desk but are there other projects? Let us bring you the news straight from Arnold himself about his epic comeback to making ballsy action films!

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Crazay3152d ago

Seeing Arnold getting back in front of the camera is a good thing. There seems to be a resurgence in the 80s action stars and that wouldn't be complete without Arnie in the foray. I found his comment interesting when he said that he's looking at various projects that include Terminator, Predator and Tee Running Man.

JL3151d ago

I completely disagree. Seeing Arnold in front of a camera is NEVER a good thing in my opinion. The guy is probably the worst actor to have ever walked the face of this Earth. Just seeing him on-screen makes my skin crawl. Sorry, can't stand the dude's "acting" (and I use that word VERY loosely) at all. I'd assume he stay far FAR away from acting again.

Crazay3151d ago

You really know how to hurt a guy. How could you say that? He is the quintessential action hero! Granted he is never going to win an award for a dramatic role, he knows his place in Hollywood but the man was bigger than life in the 80s and 90s and always seemed to be a very humble likable guy.

JL3151d ago

Even just as an action star I never saw him as being anything special. He brought nothing to the table that you couldn't find from a thousand other people. His only appeal was his size. The only reason he was "bigger than life" in that time period is because he was the one studios kept pushing down our throats. He just lucked out and got into all the popular movies. Switch his roles with the roles that Dolph Lundgren got and we would be sitting here talking about how Dolph was the quintessential action star of the 80s and 90s instead of Arnold.

Plain and simple: he lucked out. He had a big imposing physique and the studios saw fit to push him as an action star. And he got lucky and got put in all the movies that turned out to be some of the favorites of the era. He doesn't even really have any of the other "redeeming" qualities that other action stars have. Whether it be charisma or good fighting ability or whatever.

And, I'm sure he's a fine person in person. I'm sure he's nice and all. But I don't know him personally and I don't care, so I'm not passing judgment on him as a person. My critiques aren't aimed at him as a person, but solely as the actor Arnold.

darklordzor3152d ago

I am interested in seeing more Arnold in movies...hopefully this means he'll do more than a small cameo in the next Expendables movie. As far as re-visiting his older franchise...I'm not so sure. I think those franchises have moved on past him, and trying to squeeze back in them would feel too forced.

Crazay3152d ago

I don't think it would feel all that forced. It's not too hard to think of ways they could bring him back into the mix in the series'. As long as he doesn't look too awkward performing some of the more physical tasks required of him in an action movie I think this would be awesome.

darklordzor3152d ago

I would have loved seeing a cameo of him in Predators, that's for sure. Could be interesting to have him back for that in some way. Though I think he needs to move on from Terminator.

belal3151d ago

oh hell no, arnie is terminator, NOONE can replace him. i think he can make the rest of the terminator movies with ease. he just need to work out, and if sly can do it then arnie can too, because if i remember correctly arnie is a former body builder champion while sly is just a big movie star, sly is buffed up. don't you guys think that with body builder experience he would get buffed in no time?

JL3151d ago

I'm sure his experience has very little play in how well he could get buff again. It's not like he's small now anyways. I'm sure he could get there easy, just like Sly. I just mean it's not like being a former body builder means his body is programmed now to go on auto-buff. It just means he knows how to workout proper. Just like I'm sure Sly and MANY other actors do. If not, that's what they have trainers for.

And sorry, but anybody with an imposing physique, no emotion, a robotic voice and next to no acting ability could replace Arnold. He's not good. That's why he fit the part so well. Cause it called for an uncharismatic person to play a stiff, emotionless, robotic character. Which is how pretty much anybody with zero acting ability would come across on-screen.

Crazay3151d ago

I'm just not feeling the love for my man Arnold from JL - You live in California by chance? =P

@Belal - He could probably get himself back into some pretty awesome shape (not to say that he's not in good shape now) but it'll take some time and perhaps...ahem - chemical assistance at the ripe age of 64. Stallone is a huge proponent of HGH and it's well known that he uses it regularly.

JL3151d ago

lol Nope, I live on the other side of the country, not California. I just really REALLY don't like Arnold as an actor, to the point that he gets under my skin when I see him on-screen. So much so that, seriously, my brother (who's my roommate) knows that if he's watching an Arnold movie and I walk in, either that movie goes off or I'm leaving lol

JL3151d ago

Did you just call me a diva? lol That's it, no more contest wins for Crazay :P lol

Crazay3151d ago


AHAHAHAHA!!! I might have slipped that in there. Damn my smart mouth. Always gets me into trouble.

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