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"They Are Coming." The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu-Rays

AICN Says:

THE LORD OF THE RINGS Extended Edition Blu-Rays are available for pre-order now at Amazon. No word on the release date, but I'd imagine it's coming any day now. For me, these are the definitive versions of the film and I held off buying the saga until these came out. Now that it's definitely a 2011 release, my anticipation for them couldn't be higher. No word on special features, but I'd imagine all the wonderful docs from the DVD editions would come back. Here's a pic of the box:

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darklordzor4649d ago

Yay! Yay! Woohooo! That's just so exciting. Now I can finally get them on blu-ray. I've been waiting on getting them on blu-ray now, because I wanted the extended versions.

I'm going to be very poor this year though. We have Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and now Lord of the Rings on blu-ray this year...and they are all going to be expensive. Well, guess I better start saving those pennies.

Crazay4649d ago

Ya there are some sweet boxsets coming this year on BluRay. I'll be skipping this one though.

JL4649d ago

This should definitely please a lot of people. It's the reason I ended up holding off on upgrading the trilogy to Blu-ray. Now I can finally get around to upgrading it when these hit shelves.

Definitely some good blu-ray box sets coming out this year. I'll want the Star Wars and Jurassic Park ones as well.

But hey, guess this also takes care of some prize ideas for certain months this year with the FilmWatch Contests ;)

darklordzor4649d ago


What?! Why are you skipping on these? Makes no sense to me sense at all!

Crazay4649d ago

Hahaha - for a few reasons.
1.) I have the extended edition on DVD
2.) Lord of the Rings bored me to tears.
3.) I don;t want to spend $100+ on a boxset of movies that I can't (nor have I ever) seen all of because I fall asleep EVERY TIME!

LotR is a technical gem in Hollywood for a whole bunch of reasons but overall it's a highly overrated series that has little substance aside from the visual effects.

JL4649d ago (Edited 4649d ago )

Granted it is long and can get tedious at points, but I found the trilogy to be highly enjoyable and one of the best trilogies ever. I'll probably put off on buying the blu-ray set just because I already have it on DVD and not looking forward to plopping down another $100 for the movies again. But, definitely at some point I'll get around to buying it just to have it (and see if in hi-def).

By the way Crazay, I watched Blade Runner. Visuals, cinematography, production design, etc. All superb. Story? Kind of lacking. Nothing special in that department. Definitely a technical achievement but nothing special as a movie/story as it just felt a little empty and even slow-going and boring at times.

Memento still trumps it by a mile :D

Crazay4649d ago

Nice JL - Thats a pretty good assessment. It can be a little slow and moody at times which was always something that bugged me about the movie but not enough to keep me away. I have Memento on Netflix queued up for this weekend.

JL4649d ago

Yea, wasnt horrible. It was a good movie, just not great. I did really like the film noir style of it. Nothing I'd ever be ranking in my list of favorite movies though.

I'll be curious to hear what you think of Memento.

Soldierone4649d ago

Awesome! Too bad I just recently watched them all on Spike lmao. Now i need to ignore them and hope they are forgotten by the time these release. I cannot sit through these more than once in such a short period of time lol.

darklordzor4649d ago

Ha! Yeah I was actually watching those too. The length never bothered me on those fact, I've never had a problem watching long movies in a short period of time. I watch Watchmen on a regular basis and saw Avatar a few times in theaters. I know I saw The Two Towers in theaters about 5 times!

Soldierone4649d ago

I can watch the third one over and over, but the other two i really need to get myself ready for it. Its not that they are boring or anything, its just after watching it once i start to lose interest.

I couldnt sit through Watchmen again if I tried lol. I wasn't too fond of it. I unerstand its a good movie and what not, its just not my thing.

newn4gguy4649d ago

Fellowship - 3 times
Two Towers - 4 times
Return - 7 times

I can't count how many times I've seen them all on DVD. They are just so brilliant!

I love Avatar and Watchmen also. Good choices. Watchmen I only liked the second time I saw it. Then...I LOVED it!

newn4gguy4649d ago (Edited 4649d ago )

Can't wait!!!

I can watch these films 24/7.

JL4649d ago

So, that would give you about two viewings of each movie over a week span? lol

I couldn't watch them that often. I do need a good break in between before I can rewatch them. But I have gone on a marathon before where one day I watched the entire trilogy in one day (extended versions).

They are really good movies though.

newn4gguy4649d ago

Lol. Yep. I saw Kickass 4 times and Scott Pilgrim 6 times. I just like some movies a LOT!

JL4649d ago

Oh you don't have to explain yourself to me about rewatching movies. I do it all the time. That's not exactly hyperbole either. I can't tell you how many times I've seen movies like Memento, 12 Angry Men, Pulp Fiction, Boondock Saints, etc. Far too many to even remember a count.

I've seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy several times. Kick Ass I've seen twice and been meaning to go back and watch it again. Just earlier today I watched Inception again for like the 6th time.

I would say the majority of movies I've ever seen, I've ended up watching at least twice at some point.

Crazay4648d ago

I have no qualms with watching some movies repeatedly. I only buy movies I know I'll watch again but I would say that the tops of my list for movies I've seen over and over are Star Wars (all of them), Fight Club, The Dark Knight, The Watchmen, Pulp Fiction, Chasing Amy, Clerks 1 and 2 and the most recent Star Trek.

JL4648d ago

Fight Club and The Dark Knight and both Clerks would definitely go on my list too. There's just too many to name to include in that list of movies I've seen too many times to even count.

Could even add things like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, the Matrix movies, Forrest Gump, Kill Bill, My Cousin Vinny, The Sting, 40 Year Old Virgin, Groundhog Day, Indiana Jones movies, even Finding Nemo (though that one more out of being forced to).

I couldn't really begin to tell you which movie I'd seen the most times due to watching so many different ones beyond that point of even being able to count how many times I watched each. If I had to say off the top of my head though, I think it might be Pulp Fiction. Of course there's plenty movies I've easily seen 20+ times.

Djinn4648d ago

I might get this. I ABSOLUTELY loved the second movies. I thought the first was great after the first hour. But the third movie was horrible, put me to sleep so many times. It didn't compare to the Two Towers at all. I don't know...might just get it for the second one.


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