Vin Diesel Determined To Make Riddick 3 Rated-R At Any Cost

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Say what you want about Vin Diesel but when he believes in something, he commits himself to it like no other. Maybe that’s why he has one of the most active and interactive fan pages on Facebook. Vin gets deeply involved with his fans, and they love him for it. He’s pretty deeply involved in making another Chronicles of Riddick movie too. In fact, it’s safe to say this thing is only happening because he loves it so much that he’s been throwing everything he has into it. The second installment in the franchise never did as well as hoped, and for any other movie series that would have been the end of it, but Vin has refused to let it die.

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Crazay3522d ago

It's been a long time since I've seen Chronicles of Riddick but I don't remember being as underwhelmed as so many others by the movie. Riddick was still a bad ass but he was clipped just enough to take a little something away from him. Hopefully this time around they'll be able to get him back to the visceral cold blooded killer he was portrayed as in Pitch Black.

darklordzor3522d ago

I like the idea of keeping it R-rated, but I don't think it has to be scaled back just because of it. I actually liked the bigger world of The Chronicles of Riddick. I thought it worked, and let's face it, we don't have enough new sci-fi films on an epic scale anymore. Still, I remain very interested in this.

Crazay3522d ago

I honestly can't recall too many details of the movie (perhaps that's a telling issue?) but I remember enjoying it and liking the effects and the world as a whole. You're right thought, there really aren't enough GOOD sci-fi franchises to hang our hats on these days.

darklordzor3521d ago

You're right, it really is just a fun movie. I remember a lot of the details, but I just saw it the other day on TNT (or something) so it's hard to base it off of that :)

Soldierone3521d ago

Play the games. They do a good job of adding detail to the universe and explaining things. Video games are good at touching things movies are incapable of doing.

Crazay3521d ago

Oh ya - The Escape from Butcher Bay was an awesome game.

xVeZx3521d ago

i dont care what anybody says the chronicles of riddick was awesome....but since most people didnt like making a third one wouldnt be a good idea....maybe a reboot is in order here...

JL3521d ago

I wouldn't call it awesome, but I did indeed enjoy Chronicles of Riddick. I like the universe and the character and everything. I thought it was a fun enjoyable movie. I will say I preferred Pitch Black and enjoyed it more though.

But I could do with another Riddick movie. I'd prefer a sequel over a reboot definitely though. Vin Diesel isn't a great actor, but I'm really not sure I'd want to see anybody else as Riddick other than him.

Crazay3521d ago

I wouldn't want to see anyone else play the role of RIddick either.

GodsHand3521d ago

I would love to see another Riddick movie. I enjoyed the Pitch Black as well as the Riddick labled movie. I never got why the majority of people did not enjoy the flim for what it was, but you can't please everybody.

Crazay3521d ago

I don't understand the hatred either but I think the 2nd movie was rather forgettable. I can't remember much about it but now I really want to watch it.