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Forecasting Oscar's Decisions: 2012 Early Predictions

Merely a week after the 2011 Oscars were handed out, this guy is already back at it, making predictions for next year. It wasn’t easy, but with the help of crazy pills, anything is possible.

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darklordzor3713d ago

Wow, that's jumping the gun a whole lot! It's way in advanced to be calling next year's Oscars, but it's still a fun article. I'm really hoping the last Harry Potter blows everyone away.

JL3712d ago

lol Definitely jumping the gun. But hey, that's part of the fun with stuff like this is the speculation.

Personally, I've never gotten into the Harry Potter movies, so I'm not really caring one way or the other if it blows everyone away. Though my girlfriend is kind of a big fan, so I'll definitely be seeing it at least. I don't see it getting the honors like Lord of the Rings did though. At best it might get a Best Picture nod (not a win) to commemorate it's conclusion. And depending on what else comes out, it might get one or two technical awards.

It's funny that you mention Glenn Close's role being Oscar bait, Castor. Because when I think of Streep as Thatcher, that's all I can think of. That movie sounds so boring to me and like it will turn out to be nothing but Oscar bait.