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The Jackass series is an odd one. For every critic who calls it vile and idiotic, you can find one who calls it hilarious and brilliant. The truth of the matter is, Jackass is all of those things. It’s vile and idiotic, yet that’s what makes it hilarious and brilliant. It’s not for everyone, and that saying couldn’t ring any truer. In fact, Jackass probably isn’t even for most people. But if you can take it, you’re in for a treat. The boys have returned for a third outing and they’re bringing you their crazy antics in 3D. With the film now out on Blu-Ray, we take a look at it and give you the verdict on how this wild, outrageous and over the top film turned out.

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-MD-3726d ago

8/10 is what I gave it (4/5 actually). I really loved it though. Some of the skits were pretty weak and didn't really belong in the movie but the majority of them are quality stuff

Personal highlights being "Electric Avenue" I got a huge gut laugh from that one and the midget bar scene was brilliant.

Soldierone3725d ago

Cant wait to rent it this week. Just watched the first one and you just cant not laugh at these guys. That is unless you absolutely do your best to not enjoy it.