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Player Affinity Review: The Cape – Razor

Player Affinity writes: "What might be the final televised episode of The Cape aired tonight, and what a finale it was! This week our hero had to go undercover as a mad bomber in order to infiltrate the lawless scum that choke the gutters of fair Palm City. The Cape’s nemesis Chess has struck a deal with the reptilian reprobate Scales, and the two of them are dividing up the city like slices of a delicious cake. Only Earth’s mightiest hero can stop them!"

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-MD-3526d ago

I told everyone that this would fall flat after I saw the tv ads for it. I knew it would. 3/10 for a series finale? What a way to go out.

Christopher3525d ago

Actually, the series finale will be an online only episode. They decided to go early with The Event over airing the last episode they ordered of The Cape.