SYDHiT - The Adjustment Bureau Review

SYDHiT writes:
Based on a story by Philip K. Dick, The Adjustment Bureau tells the story of David Norris, played by Matt Damon, a Politician running for Senate. By chance he happens to meet Emily Blunt’s character, Elise, in a Men’s bathroom (you’ll need to watch the movie to find out more about that) and they immediately hit it off. Little do the couple know that there is a secret organisation behind every decision that human beings make on this planet and, according to their Plan, the couple do not belong together. David does happen to find out about this Organisation though – imagine how boring it would be if He didn’t – and like any free willed person David wants what He is told he can’t have, which results in Him doing whatever he can to stay with Elise, no matter the cost.

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