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Lights, Camera, Critic Review: The Fighter

Lights, Camera, Critic writes:
The Fighter is the best film, so far, of 2011. I am yet to see True Grit but I don’t think it could top this masterpiece of cinema. Friends and family had praised the film, and even before it came out I was excited. It was only until last week when I got to see it, in the deluxe screening room of Cineworld, and it just blew me away. The story, script, acting and direction are fantastic. Everything about this film is amazing and certainly deserves the various nominations and the critical acclaim. Director David O Russell has been relatively unheard of in mainstream cinema. The only other films that I remember him directing were the acceptable Three Kings. However, that was released back in 1999. And I Heart Huckabees, which was another average film, but it is The Fighter which really shows his talent as a director.

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JL3713d ago

I still don't get the big deal about The Fighter. Is it a good movie? Yes, above average even. But it just wasn't great to me. Some excellent acting in it (especially Bale), but the movie disappointed me a bit. The biggest part being how he totally bombed on delivering with the underdog story. I never felt connected to Wahlberg's character (mostly due to the writing) and thus never cared enough to really feel inspired when he finally succeeded.

lightscameracritic3712d ago

I have to admit Wahlberg was the weakest in the film. But I thought he played the character well, and its his best acting performance since The Departed ( he didn't have to do much there)