Lights, Camera, Critic Review: Paul

Lights, Camera, Critic writes:
While Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have recently attempted to build on their individual acting careers, Paul sees the comedy duo return in a sci-fi geek adventure under director Greg Mottola. To be honest, I was apprehensive over the decision for Greg Mottola to direct Pegg and Frost’s own script. Though Superbad may have pulled in the audiences in the US and back here, I had not seen it as the comedic opus many had. However, Paul is a surprisingly hilarious piece of cinema that is truly helped by its cast and well-written script.

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JL3525d ago

Nice review. For starters, I too didn't think Superbad was as great as most seemed to think. I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong. But it wasn't this amazing great comedy or anything.

On that note, I really enjoyed Paul as well (and scored it the same as you actually). It probably does hurt the movie that it gets compared to Frost/Pegg's other two movies, but I can understand why it does get compared to them two. But this one doesn't quite hold up to the same level as Shaun of the Dead. Paul is still a really good watch though.

creamsoda3525d ago

Same here Superbad was mediocre the funniest parts were the parts with the cops, the rest wasn't really funny at all not to mention I HATE Michael Cera.

lightscameracritic3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Yeah, I think Seth Rogen and Bill Hader were great in Superbad. However I didn't understand the huge comedic response to 'Mclovin' (I really hated his character). And I think Michael Cera was annoying, his weedy voice and shy nature pissed me off. But, I did like him in Scott Pilgrim though.

Soldierone3524d ago

I still didn't like him in Scott Pilgrim and thats basically the only role he should be able to pull off. All his movies are exactly the same character, and its so annoying. It Juno ithink it was, he was ticking me off with his lack of emotion. Its so annoying, stop playing the nerdy stereotype shy kid.

I think Jesse Eisenburg plays a much better nerd than him.

And without a doubt if Seth Rogan wasn't in Superbad, I wouldn't have even bothered finished watching it.

lightscameracritic3524d ago

Jesse Eisenberg just seems to be the new Michael Cera. I liked him in Zombieland, but he played a very geeky, nervous individual like Cera usually does. I didn't think much of The Social Network, and again he played a douchy, geeky character. I just hope he progresses, and doesn't get typecast like what has happened to Cera.

JL3524d ago

Cera definitely can get on my nerves at times, and there are plenty I don't like him in (I don't get the appeal of the kid). I did like him well enough in Scott Pilgrim though.

Eisenberg I like much better than Cera though. Zombieland was great. I really enjoyed The Social Network. Even if Eisenberg does get typecast in these roles, it wouldn't suck as much as Cera being typecast into it. Eisenberg has the ability to bring little differences to it, nuances that change. For instance, his Zombieland character and Social Network character are the same, but they're different at the same time. There are little nuances that differentiate the two. Small subtle differences yes, but enough that it changes it up slightly so it doesn't get old in every movie. Unlike Cera who is exactly the same person in all his movies.