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4 Reasons Critics Are Wrong And Take Me Home Tonight Is A Must See


Take Me Home Tonight is, without question, one of the ten best comedies that will be released this year. It has heart, skillful camera work and more than a couple of big laughs, but there’s a good chance you’ll see none of that because so many of my fellow critics have mistakenly decided it’s terrible. It’s not. I won’t lie to you and say it’s as good as The Forty Year Old Virgin, but most movies aren’t. In fact, the majority of comedies are awful. They’re absolute shit like Just Go With It. Lazy, disorganized and most importantly, not funny, they exist merely to make a buck without care for their own characters or the audience that’s foolishly paid to see them. Comedy, like anything else, is about presenting new and interesting ideas, and Take Me Home Tonight is chock full of ‘em, letting its characters dream, make life decisions and behave in totally realistic—and funny—manners. To paraphrase Joe from Idiocracy, it’s about knowing who’s ass farted and why that’s funny.

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-MD-3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

The only reasons I need are the cast. Dan Fogler is underrated and Anna Farris is rarely unfunny. Topher Grace is hit/miss but I like the guy.

Going to wait for this to come out on video before I see it though. Shame it bombed at the box office and something like Beastly overperformed.

JL3714d ago

I'll check this out when it hits DVD, but I don't really have any big expectations about it. To me, it reminds me of Hot Tub Time Machine. And that movie was alright, but nothing great. Nothing that I'd really care to do more than rent.

cody2oo3714d ago

I saw it with some friends at a screening because they saw it like a month ago at another screening saying I must see it, so I did.

I was pleasantly surprised it was not some over the top comedy with raunchy humor and obvious set up jokes. it was a for sure see if you were young or semi young at that time period and the movie will almost be a punch to your brain bringing up songs and memories.

After the movie was over we were gunna go see "The Adjustment Bureau"

While I saw that with one of them, 5 of them went to see "take me home tonight" again, but PAYING FOR THE TICKETS opposed to seeing it twice for free.

Soldierone3714d ago

I know two background people in the movie so im gonna be checking it out this week haha. Otherwise i probably woulnt be too interested in it to be honest.

JL3714d ago

lol Well I guess that's one reason to watch a movie. I'm with you though, I'm not too incredibly interested in this movie. And since I don't have people I know playing extras, I'll just wait till I can rent it through Netflix.