Early Look At Jimmy Fallon's Next Charlie Sheen Impression Segment


If you enjoyed Jimmy Fallon’s recent impression of Charlie Sheen, there’s more where that came from in tonight’s episode of Late Night. We have an early look at the segment posted for you to check out here.

Earlier this week, Fallon had fun with the notion of a Sheen-inspired cologne ad. Tonight, Fallon celebrates Sheen’s many recent quote-worthy comments (and some things he has yet to say) with a new fake ad for a must-own Time Life collection. Here it is below:

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Christopher3523d ago

First one was funnier and surprisingly this one sounded less like Sheen than that one as well. Will admit that Fallon's comedic strength is still in his ability to mimic others.

darklordzor3523d ago

He's got a spot on impression...but again, I'm getting tired of hearing about Sheen. The man is self-destructing, and none of this will be funny anymore when he ends up killing himself.

Soldierone3523d ago

I kinda miss Conan in this spot. He got away with so much in the spot and it was funny as heck. He is still testing waters on Cable so he really hasn't gone that far just yet, but hopefully he realizes he can.

Fallon on the other hand isn't taking his opportunity and it seems more like Tonight Show. As for this he does a pretty good job with impressions, and like stated that seems to be his strength beyong everything else. I like him as an actor, but after his show I realized how much he depdns on other actors.

-MD-3523d ago

"Winning, duh!" haha it's perfect.