Robert Kirkman on 'Walking Dead' Season Two: 'You Haven't Seen Anything Yet'

EW Says:

With The Walking Dead coming out on DVD next week, the show’s writer-producer and original comic book’s creator Robert Kirkman answers some of our burning questions about the second season, the upcoming video game and more.

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-MD-3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Hands down The Walking Dead is in my top 3 shows on tv right now. The story (so far) has been so-so but everything I've heard from fans of the comics has me anticipating the second season.

Shame they only signed on for an initial 6 episodes because it went by so fast. I'm a zombie nerd so I'll never get sick of them.

JL3522d ago

That was my problem with the show. Only 6 episodes and it was done with quick. Left me really wanting more.

I wouldn't put it up in my top 3. But it's definitely one I'll continue tuning in for each season.

Crazay3522d ago

It was something of a disappointment that the inaugural season was only 6 episodes long but that was entirely because AMC was testing the market out. They took a rather large departure from the comic towards the 2nd half but I trust that Darabont will continue doing what they did so well - Telling a great story about people and survival keeping nobody safe and providing some twists and turns for fans of the comic to keep us guessing.

Soldierone3522d ago

Hurry up and put the first season on Netflix so i can watch it! lol

Crazay3522d ago

Soldier - The Walking Dead is one of those rare shows that come along that universally have appeal to a wide audience despite the fact that it's considered to be "horror" or based on a comic book series. My father in law who has no desire to watch Horror movies loves this show. Trust me when I say that you'll enjoy watching it.