H&T: The Adjustment Bureau - Theatrical Review

David Weaver from Home And Theater writes: First time Director George Nolfi has got all the pieces here to make a fantastic film. Having Matt Damon as your star is always a plus but never a guarantee of success regardless of how well made the film may be, see Green Zone. Then he had the wise foresight to bring the undeniably beautiful and talented Emily Blunt into the mix whom I predict is only going to become more in demand by each passing day. And having a strong supporting cast to back them up with the likes of Michael Kelly, John Slattery and the always engaging Terence Stamp was like icing on the cake. As if that weren't enough they were all playing in a film based off a short story by one of the greatest Science-Fiction authors of all time, Philip K. Dick. Everything was in place to give us a truly unique experience but as the saying goings, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch".

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MrMyers3725d ago

I want to see this one. It seems to be getting pretty good reviews.

JL3724d ago

Nice review. It's looking like this one isn't quite living up to the potential it has as a concept, but still should be a good watch nonetheless.