Blade Runner Sequel Planned, Christopher Nolan To Direct?

There have long been rumors of a Blade Runner remake or sequel. In fact, back in the 80s it was assumed that the film would have a sequel, but it just did not pan out. You guys remember the film, don’t you? There’s this assumption that Deckard (Harrison Ford) is himself a replicant and that the police officer that helped him track the Nexus-6 replicants would turn things around and come after him. Millions were expecting a follow-up to that ending, even though author Philip K. Dick did not explore the subject further, but audiences were left with nothing.

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Christopher3518d ago

Best news I've seen this year if this ends up happening.

JL3518d ago

I'll watch anything Nolan does. And I'm sure many people would love this. I heard though, that Nolan wants to get back to his Howard Hughes script after he's done with TDKR

MastaMold3517d ago

If this happens this would be great, Blade Runner is old school

Soldierone3517d ago

Im not a huge fan of remaking things like this, but Nolan is on board? Hells to the yes.

Along with that I also noted that with Batman going away Nolan is going to pick up a franchise that will make easy money so he can still do the creative things in between. Back when we were talking zombies. So that makes this all the more likely.

Christopher3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Just to note, it's not supposed to be a remake, but a story to precede or continue the one from the original.

I think Nolan is perfect to such a production considering he has a lot of experience working with the movies with the dark style with a solid story. I can't think of a better director to do it at the moment.

MrMyers3516d ago

A sequel would be awesome! Especially if Chris Nolan did it. This is one of my fave movies of all time!