Geek Thought of the Week - Five Things X-Men: First Class Must Do to Succeed

’ve been thinking about this lately. The X-Men film series is screwed. It has been for a while. The first two films, while taking liberty with the vast X-Men universe, were good films in their own right that could be watched by people who have never before read about Sniktbub and his amazing adventures. But with X-Men: The Last Stand, things started going all crap shaped. Too many characters, no story, deaths for no good reason, it was a mess. And X-Men Origins: Wolverine just kept the stupid coming without any of the quality that X3 had somehow kept from the first two movies. And then what they did to Deadpool…yeah, it was bad. So, here we are with yet another prequel. What can Fox, Marvel and Matthew Vaughn do to bring the X-Men movies back to where they once were? Well, here are five things that they could/should do to get the quality back into this series.

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darklordzor3728d ago

Not suck...nuff said.

Seriously, though, this is a pretty good list, and I too hope the studios have learned from past mistakes. It's really not about cramming in a bunch of characters so the fans can ooh and ahh over them. It's about utilizing and caring about the characters we do have.

Soldierone3727d ago

I agree with the list, the only issue is its a bit contridicting in Hollywood terms. I personally want it to follow the comics. The comics are what made Xmen popular to begin with, so why would you need to change it? Yes it has aged a bit, so "update" it to be more modern. That doesn't require changing the core of the story though.

Contridicting because it states "stay a pre qual" "follow the comics" and "change for film." Remember you are talking Hollywood here. So either they will change it massively, or they will follow too closesly, there is hardly an inbetween. Also if you are to follow the comics, you need to revamp the whole franchise since the other movies have traveled so far off from the path. Of course they can tweak and mend things to follow the comics, but that requires skill and time something FOX hasnt been willing to have for a while.

MrMyers3726d ago

I didn't hate the third XMen movie as much as most people appear to have hated it. I enjoyed all three and I will be looking for this one to be a fun movie.

TheGreat_13726d ago

The only problem I had with the 3rd one is it seemed to chaotic and hectic similar to the 3rd Spider-Man. Like they threw stuff in there just to do it for no reason.

TheGreat_13726d ago

He contradicted himself by praising Batman Begins but then saying he doesn't want them to give X-Men a beginning and reboot but rather pick one. When in fact Batman Begins is a beginning and a reboot. Not only that but he also has grammatical and spelling errors in there.

He does make some good points though, especially the throwing characters in there for no reason. I hated Gambit being in there for only 10 minutes (what it seemed like at least).

JL3726d ago

That was one of the parts I hated about it too: Gambit only being in there a short bit. I really like him and want to see more of him. Hell, I'd like for them to make a whole spin-off on him. That would be cool.

TheGreat_13726d ago

Agreed, He was my favorite right behind Wolverine. I'd prefer a movie though where he's a little older though and more rugged looking.

JL3726d ago

Yea, I could go for him being older and more "weathered" and been around the block like Jackman as Wolverine.

I seriously don't know why they haven't featured him more though or even gave him a movie. He's up there as one of the most popular characters. And I think he'd make an awesome character in the movies.