Skewed and Reviewed Jump Back to the 80s to Review Take Me Home Tonight

Skewed and Reviewed writes:
If you’re planning an 80′s party anytime soon, make sure to download the soundtrack to Take Me Home Tonight. The opening montage alone reminded me of everything I loved about the 80′s. It also gave us a glimpse of Matt Franklin’s high school years. Matt, played by Topher Grace, was the kid voted as “Smartest” in his class, one who existed on the outer fringes of high school popularity, who always had his eye on the most popular girl in school, Tori Fredreking, but could never muster up the courage or find that “in” to catch her attention.

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darklordzor3522d ago

I really want to see this. I don't know why, since it doesn't seem like a normal film I'd be interested in, but something about it is dragging me in.

-MD-3521d ago

I love these kinds of films usually. I'm not a Topher Grace hater either, I actually like the guy's work. Anna Farris also gets a bad rep for no reason. She's always on point with her comedy.

Out of the 4 films opening this weekend this would be the one I want to see the most.

JL3521d ago

I wouldn't say Anna Faris gets a bad rep. Most people I know like her. I've never heard/read anybody talking crap about her. Underappreciated? Possibly/Likely. Bad rep? I wouldn't say so.

And really? This is the one you'd most want to see? This just doesn't look like anything special to me. I'd much rather see The Adjustment Bureau or even Rango before I see this.

-MD-3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Yeah this one appeals to me the most. Animated films aren't usually my first choice but I do enjoy them. Adjustment Buraeu looks good though don't get me wrong with Emily Blunt being the big draw for me there. I think she's such a great actress. She made Sunshine Cleaning for me.

As far as what movie I want to see yeah TMHT is probably #1 but as far as what movie I'll probably enjoy the most? Ratings for TMHT are less than stellar so I'll probably end up liking Rango and AB a lot more.

Beastly looks gag worthy.

Garethvk3521d ago

I liked the 80s nostalgia of it. It always is nice to be able to just sit back and enjoy a film when we are reviewing it.